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Celebrities Living in Miami and South Florida

December 29, 2016

Being at the center of a cultural, fashion and music mecca, Miami attracts many of the rich, famous and beautiful to live on its sunny shores. I’ve heard it said that living in Miami keeps you young; these celebs have discovered this fountain of youth.

Gloria Estefan – Latin music sensation who achieved high recognition by the pop world, Estefan’s life story is tied tightly to Miami. After leaving Cuba at the age of two and moving to Miami, she started her singing career with Miami Sound Machine. In 1990, an accident almost took her life and came very close to ending her career for good. During this time, Miami residents took her to heart as one of their own and inundated her with cards, flowers, and well-wishes. When Hurricane Andrew struck in 1992, Estefan was there for the city that loved her; she arranged and performed in a benefit concert raising millions of dollars for the victims. She now lives on Star Island.

Enrique Iglesias – Enrique is the son of legend Julio Iglesias, but he has tried to create his own name in music. Having grown up in Miami, he adds an American flair to his songs making them loved by all. His super-stardom hit in 1999 when Bailamos was released to the top of the Billboard charts. He lives on Miami Beach near girlfriend Kournikova and singer Shakira.

Anna Kournikova – Kournikova is a women’s tennis player. Having played in the US Open eight times, she has yet to see victory. Not being able to play this year due to injuries, she is doing a stint on cable’s USA network as a roving entertainment reporter. Anna lives in Miami Beach in a neighborhood known as Sunset Island, which is also the home of boyfriend Enrique Iglesias.

Lenny Kravitz – Kravitz has been putting out music since 1989. While he certainly can remind you of Hendrix, he has made quite a name for himself among modern artists, as witnessed by his four consecutive grammies for best male artist. He lives- where else?- on Miami Beach, on the Bay.
Janet Reno The former Attorney General of the United States under Bill Clinton lives in the Kendall area. After an unsuccessful campaign against Jeb Bush for governor, it is unclear if she will run again.

Shakira – This sexy newcomer to the Latin music world is lighting up the charts with her hits, which have won her one Grammy and two Latin Grammys so far. Born and raised in Colombia, raised with American music like The Police and Nirvana, and having a Lebanese father to give her an appreciation for Arabic sounds, her music is a true fusion. Her first album in English, Laundry Service, is new in stores now. Shakira lives near Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova in Sunset Island.

OJ Simpson – Former NFL great, Heisman Trophy winner, All-Pro and MVP. After his career ended, he turned to acting and sportscasting. Accused and acquitted of the 1994 double murder of his wife and her friend. He has a house in Kendall.

Oprah Winfrey – Best known for her television talk show, Oprah also has her hands in journalism and philanthropy. Oprah is more than just your average talk show; she prides herself in trying to influence social change by advocating charity, fitness, reading and self-improvement. She has a vacation house on Miami Beach and can often be seen in the city.


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