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Miami Florida Real Estate Picks

September 27, 2016

It’s no wonder that you’ll find some of the coolest places to live in the United States are in Miami. Some of the very best luxury properties are to be found in this desirable location where pleasant climate and excellent amenities meet.


Miramar is one of the premier locations that you won’t want to overlook when you are sorting through your choices for the best neighborhoods in Miami. Here is where you will find the perfect trifecta of low crime rates, many amenities to choose from and the sunny weather that you want from any of the luxury homes you look at. If you are looking for a modern place to do some shopping, the Marketplace Mall Shopping Center is just one of the many conveniences you’ll find here. The Miramar Cultural Center is also close so you can get and stay connected with local community activities.

With a population of just over 128,000 people, Miramar is big enough to have a larger city vibe and small enough to mirror a smaller town at the same time. The average monthly temperature for August there is 84° and the lowest monthly temperature comes in February at 68°. Pollution in Miramar is 86% lower than the national average and the air quality Index is 17% better. The median home price in Miramar is $194,000 and that’s 24% higher than the Florida average.

Bay Harbor Islands

Bay Harbor Islands should be one of the first places everyone considers when they are trying to decide where to live around Miami. Of course, this location shares an excellent rating for the weather and has many outstanding amenities to choose from. However, one of the big attractions to Bay Harbor Islands and the best luxury villas found there is a very low crime rate. In fact, the total crime rate in this particular area is a full 74% lower than the Florida state average.

If you’re looking to have an exclusive address, this is the place that should meet that requirement on several levels. The income per capital in this area is a full 56% higher than the national average, and the unemployment rate here is 26% lower than the average for all of America. Still, there’s always the other side to any shiny coin, and you also need to consider that the cost of living in Bay Harbor Islands is 15% higher than both the state and national average. The median home price there is $230,900.

It’s important to keep in mind when you are looking for the right place that fits your budget and lifestyle in Miami there’s a considerable variation in everything except the good weather. Finding a place that suits you is a question of balancing all the different variables like amenities, crime rate and cost of living.

Key Biscayne

When you put all of these various features together, locations like Key Biscayne are clearly at the top of the chart. This is the area with the live ability score of 88, which highlights an exceptionally stable housing market and attractively low crime rate. It should be no surprise that you need to open your wallet if you want to live in this exclusive part of Miami. The median home price in Key Biscayne is $908,000 and that places it a full 482% higher than the Florida average.
Sixty-nine percent of the people here are married, and a full 61% of those speak Spanish. The poverty level in Key Biscayne is very low at 6.5%, and the unemployment rate is lower than both the national and Florida state average. Finally, the overall crime rate is 45% lower than the average for America.

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