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Top 6 Reasons to Move to Miami

October 18, 2016

I’m moving to Miami,” says everyone who has ever survived one blustering, bitter winter day. We hear it every year and still each winter, watch our news feeds burst with claims of abandoning the north for better days toward the equator. We laugh, sometimes in January, from our penthouses with cocktails in hand at the idea of our closest friends waddling in vertical sleeping bags up to an air-tight hallway that someone branded as a lobby. Snow falling at their feet as often as we run our fingers through our hair in the low-seventies breeze.

Besides the soul-sponging indulgence of getting a laugh at my tundra-bound friends, if someone asked me, “why move to Miami?”, I could sum up the rationale in six points.

The Real Estate

Miami luxury real estate is certainly something over which to gush. It is not attainable for everyone, and frankly, that is part of its appeal. But luxury Miami is not solely reserved for the highest price tags assigned to the best corners of grid-locked streets. Luxury real estate here is the actual luxury. Architecture ranges from historical to modern and glows under an artist’s touch. Furniture isn’t too nice to sit on; it’s so exquisite and lush that you want to stay cooped up or sprawled out on it forever. Windows stretch for days and eliminate the need for fine art (hypothetically, hypothetically…) with their insane blue views of the sky and the sea. Boat lined harbors and wide-brimmed hats speckle the scene with just enough movement to remind you of the wind and chatter whisking about the day. Miami views are not tantalizing. They are approachable. The sun outside casts warm kisses along the shore and invites you outside to shop or dine any time of the day. Lux living in Miami is actually where life is as good as it gets.

Fashion and Shopping

On more than one hand, I count the times I shopped until I dropped. Literally, made it home only to plop on my bed, bags still around my wrist. I suppose the copious cosseting of a closet could be one reason to not migrate south, but if you can control your addiction, you’ll thrive in this fashion capital. Bold designers, boutique traders and luxury artists dabble in new creations daily. Streets are quite literally lined with the world’s most famous designers and local artists that never bother to stretch farther than home.


If you have not seen photos of all-aged livelihoods boasting hand crafted cocktails amidst postcard views with a famous DJ in the background, you need to move here yesterday because you are living under a rock. Miami nightlife is a top destination and consequently, never sees a night with festivities raging until the sun is ready to rise.


The Caribbean influence is one of the best treats in Miami culture. Tasty Cuban restaurants dazzle taste buds on the reg and alter the course of culinary interest for life. Luxury dining is everywhere, sometimes hidden in the walls of streets; other times within Gianni Versace’s old mansion. Celebrities trail the migration of the world’s best chefs to the city, and you can believe the word meal will be removed from your vocabulary. We are talking a kitchen craft and hospitable retreat as many times a day as you desire.


Oh, the host we are! From the most prestigious food and wine festivals to performing arts and world-renown installations and sculptures in everyday use, there is never a day that goes shy of the bustling, artistic offerings of the city’s entertainers. Don’t feel like heading out on the town tonight? No worries, just watch the light show from your wall-sized window amidst the city’s skyline.

So are you ready to make the move before the umpteenth episode of bitterness in your life? When you are, get in touch with VIAC for a top-shelf luxury real estate agent. We look forward to leading you into the high life Miami.

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