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Waterfront Property Perks

December 16, 2016

Buying a home in Miami is the dream of many people around the world. Buying a home on the waterfront rests in a caliber of dreams of its own.

Owning a home on the water is not as far out of the cards as you think, and the perks of living on the ocean will forever solidify your reasons for closing.

Miami is a coveted city for many reasons. Its night life provides endless entertainment and seems, like other famed cities around the world, to never sleep. The culinary scene attracts top chefs from all over the world and cuisine stretches across many ethnicities. The community is vibrant and multi-cultural, and it shows from boutique shops to conversations up and down the strip. Whatever you are looking for in a city- in a life, really- you are bound to find in an authentic experience in Florida’s favorite city.

Real estate– surprise, surprise- is another reason that so many people look to purchase in Miami. Old architecture mixes with new, modern lux to create a rich design textured throughout the neighborhoods.

Waterfront properties are perhaps the most coveted real estate, as it comes with many perks. The first of many: its beauty. Wake up every morning to breathtaking views and let the sway of water energize your mind for the day. Being around water is proven to have many positive health benefits, not the least among them a calm and open mind. Open your windows to hear and feel the breeze from the shore and venture out to start your day with your toes in the sand.

In fact, you might remember the “blue mind effect” that biologist Wallace J. Nichols brought to our attention years ago. The blue mind refers the meditative state the human brain enters upon hearing, touching, or seeing water. There is a receptor in the brain of most humans and animals that recognizes water as a medium for survival. So when water is sensed, the mind knows it is safe; everything is okay. The body can be calm. This prompts us into the relaxed state that Wallace coined the blue mind effect.

Living on the water comes not only with overwhelming beauty and an opportunity to live and breathe the resource for our existence; it comes with a lifestyle rich in design and culture. There is a particular people of the sea; a way of life that nobody seems to find a reason to exit. It is a different pace outside of the electrically eclectic Miami scene. One of tranquility, appreciation, and truly luxury living. If you are a boater, there is no better port to keep your boat and quickly make it home after an afternoon on the ocean. If you don’t have your own boat, opt for a membership at a local yacht club. Along the coast, you will find amazing restaurants tucked along Biscayne Blvd and you can spend your afternoons shopping at Mary Brickell Village.

Because luxury waterfront homes are so highly sought-after in Miami, your house or apartment is easy to rent out if you do not plan to live there year-round. Rent it out for a week or to a trusting tenant for six months- it is up to you. What we do find, often, is that waterfront properties make a healthy investment alongside providing the perfect beach getaway and serene lifestyle. For this reason, waterfront properties are continually popular amongst entrepreneurs, and you’ll feel their ambitious energy along the coast, too.

So, are you ready to start looking for your Miami waterfront apartments? Your next investment; your gateway to the blue mind effect? If you are, get in touch with our VIAC team. We’ll get to searching for the perfect spot for you to set up shop and rest your feet atop the balcony of the good life.

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